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PanGeo awarded their 20th UXO SurveyMonday, July 31st 2017

PanGeo Subsea is pleased to have recently been awarded their 20th UXO Survey. The North Sea offshore windfarm project will consist of a UXO survey covering an area of some 18km2 for export cables, inter-array cables and offshore platforms. PanGeo’s Sub Bottom Imager (SBI) will again be used as the sub-seabed depth of investigation is only to a maximum of around 6m – well within the SBI’s current capability. Clients are realising more and more that the SBI has an ability to reduce the amount of potential targets identified in earlier magnetometer surveys by up to 75%. In turn, this reduces the amount of actual targets which are subject to subsequent physical investigation – a good way of reducing project costs while protecting or indeed accelerating project schedules.

Photograph courtesy of EORCA (UK)

First project in Australian waters successfully completed!Friday, July 28th 2017

PanGeo Subsea has recently successfully completed its first project In Australian waters with the SBI. This project required the investigation of trenched steel pipelines in shallow waters so the SBI was mounted on a trailing arm arrangement.


Friday, July 7th 2017

PanGeo Subsea Aberdeen are pleased to have supported local Aberdeen Arts and were delighted to be invited along to the performance of ‘Stolen Voices’ at The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen. This was a performance listening in on Aberdeen. Artists and eavesdroppers Rebecca Collins and Johanna Linsley along with a host of local artists with their “ears to the ground” offered the results of their investigation into the acoustic texture of the City. The piece included new work by composer Pete Stollery and appearances by guest musicians, Kitchen Cynics.

Rebecca and Johanna visited the PanGeo Aberdeen offices in April and were amazed at the concept of how our Sub Bottom Imager works – the concept of using sound in order to “see” thoroughly enthralled them! They interviewed Bernie Morrison and used the information gathered as part of the performance of ‘Stolen Voices’ which was all about sound.

By the reaction of the audience it was thoroughly enjoyed by all!

Successfully passed re-certification audit for ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001Tuesday, May 30th 2017

PanGeo is delighted to announce that we have recently passed our re-certification audit for ISO

9001 and OHSAS 18001. Under the ISO 9001 regime we pride ourselves on our continuing focus on meeting customer expectations and under OHSAS 18001 we have a truly international standard which sets out our requirements for occupational Health and Safety Management best practice. Being certified to these high standards is extremely important to us.


Acoustic Corer arrives in Aberdeen!Tuesday, May 23rd 2017

PanGeo’s Acoustic Corer has now landed in Aberdeen ready for the next job!